SC Line

We are a shipping company which main objective is to guarantee a service with professionalism and high levels of quality.

SC Line was created to serve the RO/RO market, standing out especially for the TRUCK transport, at present for the American continent, with its beginnings in the Pacific Ocean and at present with a new route placed in the field of the Caribbean Sea, fruit of the demand and of the analysis of large number of proposals.

Today, the whole team of SC Line is specialists in maritime transport of trucks with an average of more than 1000 trucks transported monthly.

Thanks to the long journey in experience together with the constant work, SC Line controls every unit as if it was ours, avoiding the unit of any type of damage; may it be in the course of the transport, loading or at the moment of its discharge.

Based on the genuine knowledge, specially in the Caribbean Sea, allows us to maintain attractive freights. We offer seriousness before any shipment, punctuality and sincerity to our customers, gaining their full confidence in the just moment to transport its most valued good.

SC line does not only transport trucks, but all kinds of RO/RO cargoes and project cargo.

We are constantly developing new maritime projects to meet the requirements of our customers. Including a significant expansion of the fleet and routes with other multipurpose ships in the market.